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When Dr. Shadreka McIntosh moved back to her hometown of Fort Myers, Florida, many would come to her as a trusted voice and pharmacist, because they were seeking ways to afford their medications. However, other issues were unpacked as Dr. McIntosh would get deeper into the conversation. Some of these challenges encompassed many of the social determinants of health such as access to healthy food, health literacy, income, and transportation.

Because Dr. McIntosh understood that without addressing all of the areas of need for these people, there was no way they would achieve a state of true wellness. She knew that she was being charged to be a solution to this problem in her community.

Sozo Wellness Center was birthed when Dr. Shadreka McIntosh grew frustrated with the realization that many in the underserved community she grew up in were experiencing poor health outcomes, due to inequities in their environment. Sozo Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that bridges gaps in health equity in traditionally marginalized communities.

  • Non-profit organization
  • Focuses on education
  • Provides care to under-insured individuals
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Focuses on education & providing care to under-insured individuals at a reduced cost

Sozo Wellness Center addresses health disparities by providing access to integrative health services in underserved communities. We seek to engage, educate, and empower those we serve through the provision of culturally relevant programs, which focus on the social determinants of health.

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