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Healthcare providers and pharmacists are all on the same team promoting and achieving patient wellness. However, in order to work as a team it’s necessary to have clear, concise, and effective communication. At Sozo Wellness Pharmacy, our communication abilities are our number one asset to providers’ partnership experience. Whether you come to us to improve your quality measures, increase revenue, or just relay information— we’re ready to listen and provide you with the services you need.

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Group Homes

Keeping track of all the medications for every client in a group home can be time-consuming and frustrating. Sozo Wellness Pharmacy makes things easier.  To start out, our consultant pharmacist can perform the APD-required annual medication reviews for all your clients. From there, we provide medication packaging for every client’s order, to make it easy to sort what medication needs to be taken when, and by who. We also offer medical synchronization options so all of your clients’ medications can be filled on the same day. And if that wasn’t already making things easy enough— we also offer free delivery in the Dunbar area!

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Social Services Agencies

At Sozo Wellness Pharmacy, we believe that embracing the full potential of our pharmacists positively impacts healthcare and economic outcomes for the residents of Dunbar and other Southwest Florida communities. That’s why we partner with our area’s social service agencies to promote preventive care, increase positive patient outcomes, and provide high-quality, accessible care to all our community members. Providing quality, affordable, care to our most vulnerable SWFL residents is our goal.


We Have an App

Refill your prescription in no-time with our app! The RxLocal app allows you to securely message with our pharmacy, refill prescriptions simply from your phone, and even sends you reminders when your medications are running low. Download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to fill all your pharmacy needs easily and seamlessly from your phone.

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