Free Home Delivery

Sozo Wellness Pharmacy decided to fill a long-standing need in Dunbar by not only becoming the neighborhood’s first pharmacy in 40 years — but also by offering free home and office pharmacy deliveries to service area residents in Dunbar & beyond! To learn more about our free delivery services and whether your home or office is within our service area, give us a call or drop us a line. There is a nominal fee for deliveries outside of our service area.


Affordable prescription prices

At Sozo Wellness Pharmacy, we don’t want cost standing in your way of getting the medication you need. We provide affordable cash prices for generic medications and our pharmacists will  offer you cost-conscious,  generic brand options when we fill your order.

Transfer Prescriptions
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Medication Sync

We love seeing you at Sozo Wellness Pharmacy — but we understand you want to spend less time at the pharmacy and more time out enjoying life! That’s why we offer medication synchronization. Our medication sync program matches up the refill dates of all your medications so you can come in just one day and receive everything you need.

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We Have an App

Refill your prescription in no-time with our app! The RxLocal app allows you to securely message with our pharmacy, refill prescriptions simply from your phone, and even sends you reminders when your medications are running low. Download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to fill all your pharmacy needs easily and seamlessly from your phone.

  • Secure Messaging
  • Mobile Refills
  • Reminders
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